New General Manager for Omega 365 Consulting

On 1 March, Leon Dyngeland will assume the role of General Manager at Omega 365 Consulting.

Leon Dyngeland is the new General Manager at Omega 365 Consulting.

Dyngeland replaces Sigmund Lunde, who temporarily filled the role following the establishment of Omega 365 Protek. Previously, Anders Lunde held the position of General Manager, and is now serving as the General Manager of Omega 365 Protek. 

In his new role, Dyngeland will collaborate with Omega 365 Consulting’s 24 Department Managers to ensure excellent service and exciting assignments for the company’s over 850 consultants, operating in Norway and worldwide. 

Additionally, alongside his new responsibilities, Dyngeland will continue in his current position as the team leader of the Stavanger team. 

“Leon is a good choice for the role of General Manager because we know him. And those of us who know him, know that Leon naturally steps up to lead when we come together. He is responsible, communicates well, has great capacity, and is confident both in his professional skills and social abilities, especially in networking with leaders, candidates, and clients. I'm excited to work alongside Leon as General Manager,” says CEO Petter Aalvik.

About Omega 365 Consulting

Omega 365 Consulting assists clients by providing personnel to projects in sectors such as oil and gas, energy, infrastructure and buildings, renewables, and more, in Norway and around the world. The company delivers project personnel within areas of expertise such as engineering, IT, project management, construction, infrastructure, subsea, and maritime operations. For delivery of IT, subsea and maritime personnel Omega 365 Consulting works closely with Omega 365 IT Consulting and Omega Subsea.  

This Norwegian company has approximately 850 consultants currently on assignment and is located at Omega 365’s offices in Stavanger, Ølensvåg, Oslo, and Bergen.