New Product Manager for Pims R4

To better align our capabilities and deliver better products and services to our customers, we have made a change to the Pims R4 leadership team. 

Aleksandr Narožnij will now take on the role of Pims R4 Product Manager. Up until this point, this role has belonged the general manager in Omega 365 Lithuania, Vadim Narožnij.

The change has been made to ensure a dedicated focus to delivering best-in-class software to our clients and further growth of our development teams. 

Sixteen years in Omega 365

Aleksandr has worked in Omega 365 for 16 years, starting as a trainee before taking his master’s degree at Klaipėda University. During his career with us he has had several roles and duties, including custom Appframe-based systems development, Pims implementations for clients, and Pims product development, just to name a few. For the last three and a half years he has worked as a Pims Document Control product manager, alongside a team that was developing and maintaining the product. Aleksandr has proven his ability to ensure order and structure in all the areas he has had responsibility for.

As Product Manager for Pims R4, Aleksandr will act as a coordinator between the various independent groups developing separate Pims modules and establish common quality requirements. He will also ensure that all product groups follow uniform SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) processes and deliver full packages, including documentation, presentations, demo data, predefined roles/permissions, training courses, implementation guidelines and more.

A change for the better

With the release of his Product Manager role, Vadim Narožnij will have increased capacity to focus on further growth for Omega 365 Lithuania.

Vadim believes that the change to the leadership team will provide him with the opportunity for improved focus on Omega 365 Lithuania's needs, including administration, HR, legal, finances, PR, employer branding, talent acquisition and retention, and social partnerships. He also hopes to have more time for other groups in the company, in addition to Pims, pointing out technology, testing automation and security, cloud, and implementers as potential focus areas. The development of additional services that Omega 365 Lithuania could possibly provide the whole Omega 365 Group is another challenge he hopes to spend more time on.

“Historically, I have had many roles in Omega 365, and sometimes several roles at the same time. There is, however, only so much one person can do in a workday, so to achieve our best results we need someone to focus on the product manage role properly,” Vadim says.

Aleksandr is excited about the new role and is looking forward to working with all Pims product teams in order to align them to corporate goals and build processes to ensure the high quality and best-in-class solutions for our clients.