​Omega 365 enters into a nationwide framework agreement with Sykehusbygg

​Omega 365 has entered into a framework agreement with Sykehusbygg (The Norwegian Hospital Construction Agency) and the four regional health trusts for the provision of tools for a comprehensive BIM solution for facility management, operation, maintenance, and development.

Published: 18 September 2023
Roger Arnesen, Department Manager, suggests that the contract with Sykehusbygg will strengthen the development of Omega 365's core product.

“This is a large and important contract for us, which expands our client base and strengthens the development of our core product, Omega 365,” says Department Manager in Omega 365 Solutions Roger Arnesen. 

Using BIM for asset management improves how efficiently and sustainably properties are used, operated, maintained, and developed. It also facilitates the creation of a full digital twin of the property portfolio. 

Sykehusbygg have previously had a contract in the area of project tools and used Omega 365 in all major development projects in the health trusts. 

“We have been working with Sykehusbygg for a while now, and we are excited that the healthcare enterprises recognize the potential of utilizing the full capabilities of the Omega 365 system. They plan to incorporate the asset management functionality along with BIM as a key component going forward,” says General Manager of Omega 365 Solutions, Svein Tore Haraldseid. 

“By integrating the value chains of information and processes associated with buildings and real estate into a unified tool, we anticipate enhanced operational benefits and a seamless transition between operations and projects,” states Kenth Hårsaker, Chief of Digitalization at Sykehusbygg. 

Sykehusbygg HF, in collaboration with the four regional health trusts, is committed to creating an efficient value chain that spans from construction projects to operations and management. Their goal is to reduce the overall lifecycle costs for properties within specialist health services. Together, they have secured inter-regional framework agreements for ICT systems for operation and maintenance. While Sykehusbygg HF oversees procurement, Sykehusinnkjøp HF (Hospital Procurement Ltd) handles the commercial execution. 

The framework agreement applies to a total of five million square meters of buildings. Omega 365 will ensure best practice for how building-related information should be managed to ensure digital collaboration and BIM in asset management, operations, maintenance, and development. 

“Historically, there has been one process when building something and another process when starting to use it. The advantage of comprehensive information management is that the building then exists as a digital twin, and the project execution becomes much easier,” says Arnesen.   

“We usually say that the system follows the asset from cradle to grave. At Sykehusbygg, this provides an optimal solution and best practice across the health enterprises. This is a major contract for us, which holds great importance for our future work,” Haraldseid emphasizes. 

General Manager of Omega 365 Solutions, Svein Tore Haraldseid, is excited that the healthcare enterprises are interested in utilizing the full capabilities of the Omega 365 system.

Streamlining operations 

Omega 365 has been systematically working on the tender process for most of the year and is now very pleased to have secured the contract. Sykehusbygg underscores the ongoing digitization of both society and specialized healthcare. This digital transformation presents the chance to optimize operations, leading to decreased patient waiting times. They highlight the importance of organizing and overseeing information in a manner that encourages innovative work approaches and collaborative efforts within the construction and real estate sectors. 

“Digital information about buildings, particularly in the context of new constructions, is receiving significant attention within the industry. For those of us involved in large-scale development projects, it is evident that this information needs to be harnessed more effectively in the management of buildings. We have been discussing this gap for quite some time, and now we eagerly anticipate embarking on the work to bridge it,” says Kenth Hårsaker. He further emphasizes that this procurement will finally enable multiple healthcare facilities to leverage the information provided.  

“It's worth noting that many healthcare facilities currently lack the infrastructure to fully utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM), as one example,” Hårsaker concludes. 

About Sykehusbygg HF

The Norwegian Hospital Construction Agency, also referred to as Sykehusbygg HF, was founded in 2014. It is jointly owned by four state-owned health authorities in Norway. The agency was established with the goal of improving the efficiency and quality of planning, constructing, and renovating hospital facilities across Norway. Sykehusbygg HF is committed to maintaining the highest standards and best practices in developing healthcare infrastructure.