Omega 365 secures framework agreement with Statsbygg

“We have partnered with Statsbygg since 2017, and we are thrilled that they are now planning to adopt all the modules within our project management system across their projects. It's an exciting development,” says General Manager of Omega 365 Solutions, Svein Tore Haraldseid.

Manager of the project center at Statsbygg, and owner of Statsbygg's Project Management System, Trine Eiken; Project Manager at Statsbygg, Kristin Fossmo; Project Manager at Omega 365 Solutions, Anders Sørnes are now looking forward to starting the expanded collaboration between Omega 365 and Statsbygg. Photo: Omega 365.

He emphasizes that Statsbygg, as one of the largest building commissioners in the public sector, has been a significant and valued partner of Omega 365 for many years.

Improved project management

“This reinforces our position as market leaders in project execution within the construction industry,” says Haraldseid.

Omega 365 and Statsbygg are now embarking on an expanded collaboration, gradually involving more people within the Statsbygg organization who will start using the Omega 365 system. This will also increase the positive impact on the projects.

“This agreement means standardizing the toolbox for all our construction projects. While projects traditionally chose their own digital tools, we're now moving towards a model where all projects will work in the same system. Most planning, case handling, and interaction will take place in this unified system. This gives us a unique opportunity to gather and provide relevant information to both project workers and business managers, serving as a basis for good decisions in daily operations,” says Project Manager Kristin Fossmo in Statsbygg.

Continuous development

“We wanted a system that supports the uniform and quality-assured way of carrying out construction projects. When all projects operate within the same tool, internal and external interaction is streamlined, and information from different projects becomes readily comparable. This simplifies project management and follow-up across the portfolio, providing a solid foundation for ongoing development and innovation,” says Fossmo.

“Omega 365 has the breadth of functionality that we need, combined with good standard reports and dashboard solutions. The ongoing development within Omega 365 brings benefits to all users, spanning projects and businesses. We look forward to offering our projects Omega 365 as a comprehensive project management tool, and believe it will support our ambition to make it easy for projects to work correctly.”

Maximum effect

“The more people that use the project management system, the more effective it is as a collaboration tool. When everyone works in the same system, you get better decision-making processes, and you get a better overview of several disciplines at once in the project,” says Department Manager at Omega 365 Solutions, Roger Arnesen.

Anders Sørnes, serving as Project Manager at Omega 365, will oversee the implementation process in collaboration with Statsbygg. He will ensure that necessary training is structured and carried out. 

“Initially, there will be an assessment of what needs to be in place regarding internal and external conditions so that the solution is complete and tailored to the customer's needs. This is followed by training, documentation, and testing according to the customer's specification,” Sørnes explains.

Sørnes is focused on providing the maximum effect for the customer through a strengthened implementation of the system.

“The biggest effect of this standardization will be the efficiency of having all projects carried out in the same tool. This will foster new and expanded opportunities for exchanging experiences, cultivating a shared understanding of the system, and fostering increased interdisciplinary collaboration,” he believes.