Omega 365 signs contract with Gaia Salmon

Omega 365 recently signed a contract with Gaia Salmon, an innovative seafood farming facility constructing a new fish farm in Træna.

Gaia Salmon is building its first land-based salmon farming facility in Træna, Norway. Illustration: Gaia Salmon.

Guided by its vision to "be a leading player in sustainable salmon production, focusing on fish welfare, environmental protection, and circular economy", Gaia Salmon plans to implement the Omega 365 platform in all aspects of project management and operation at their new facility. 

Located just off the coast of Træna in Norway, Gaia Salmon is constructing its first land-based post-smolt facility, with the aim of introducing fish during the first half of 2024. The facility's goal is to supply post-smolt to the offshore aquaculture industry. 

Efficient start-up

Lars Aas Kjebekk, Department Manager at Omega 365 Solutions, emphasizes the significance of the partnership with Gaia Salmon. 

“The aquaculture industry is large and exciting, and through the contract with Gaia Salmon, we demonstrate that Omega 365 is a comprehensive and adaptable project management and operational system.” 

Kjebekk explains that the facility will use Omega 365 in both the construction phase and for further operations. 

“What makes the project even more exciting is that Gaia Salmon will also use Omega 365 for the operation of the facility. The fact that we get to consider the transition to operations from the outset makes us believe this will be a successful project. A seamless transition to operation will ensure an optimal and efficient start-up for the facility in Træna.” 

Project Manager Geir Aleksander Steinmo (right) will lead the project, pictured here with Department Manager Lars Aas Kjebekk (left) from Omega 365 Solutions.


In addition to delivering the solution, Omega 365's Stjørdal office will provide implementation resources to ensure that the solution is set up and operated according to best practices. 

Kjebekk adds, “We look forward to supporting Gaia Salmon in realizing their impressive facility.” 

Erik Hernes, CEO of Gaia Salmon, expresses his satisfaction with the Omega 365 platform and their collaboration, stating, 

“We discovered Omega 365 through our cooperative partner and received a demo that we could test out.” 

Hernes further explains their choice of Omega 365, saying, 

“We opted for Omega 365 due to its robust project management and operational capabilities. After evaluating the demo, we determined that Omega 365 is the ideal solution for our project's needs. The platform provides us with essential resources for skillfully overseeing our operations and the required tools for effectively managing our facility.” 

This partnership highlights Omega 365's continuous commitment to delivering efficient project management and operational systems, and the company looks forward to supporting Gaia Salmon in bringing their facility to completion.