Pims Projects: The New National Museum, Statsbygg

Omega’s project management tool, Pims, has been utilized in the construction of the New National Museum in Oslo, which will open to the public in 2022. Project Manager of Completion, Jon Morten Mo, shares his experience with Pims.

Pims Projects: The New National Museum, Statsbygg

  • Statsbygg, The Norwegian Directorate of Public Construction and Property, is responsible for the building of The New National Museum, which is situated in central Oslo. The museum will open to the public in 2022.
  • The base of the building will be 13 000 m², and the total available area close to 55 000 m².
  • The estimated cost of the project is 6 billion NOK.
  • In this project, Statsbygg used the following Pims products: Completion Management, BIM, Collaboration Tools, Document Management, and Contract Management.

The National Museum develops, manages, researches, and conveys the largest collection of art, architecture, and design in Norway. When the new museum opens in 2022, it will be the largest art museum in the Nordic countries. The project is managed by Statsbygg, which is the Norwegian government’s building commissioner, property manager, and developer. According to Project Manager of Completion in Statsbygg, Jon Morten Mo, Omega’s project management tool, Pims, has played an important role in the project.

“We had to make a system on how to perform testing. We improved the expertise within the organization, especially among project managers who require that knowledge to understand the meaning of completion,” Mo says.

Statsbygg used the majority of Omega’s Pims products in the building of the New National Museum. They all contributed to drive the project forward within their respective fields, and Mo found one aspect of the system particularly useful in this project: the collection of documentation relating to management, operation, and maintenance data (FDV data). Previously, Statsbygg has had a system for gathering FDV data, but not as organized as they managed to structure in Pims.

“The FDV data is systematically collected and made available, which makes it possible for suppliers to provide us with information, for us to collect and organize the information in a reasonable way,” Mo states and adds that the depreciation period for a project in Statsbygg is normally 60 years, but the architect of the National Museum expects it to last for 300 years, so the information can be useful for a long time.

You can hear more about how Statsbygg utilized Pims in the building of the New National Museum in this Pims Project video.