Spotlight: Jarle Gjerde

Motivated by client success

“It's us, not me, in Omega. Even if there is one person at the clients's site, they have the support of our entire team,” says Department Manager in Bergen and the Manager for Omega 365 Estimation module, Jarle Gjerde.

Jarle Gjerde, Department Manager at Omega 365 Solutions in Bergen and the Manager for Omega 365 Estimation module, has over 26 years of experience with the company.

“The project world hasn't changed much in 26 years, but the tools and processes have evolved over time with technological development,” says Jarle Gjerde.  

Now, he can look back on a quarter century at Omega 365. 

“I've been involved in numerous projects over time, encountering various interesting situations in diverse settings. It's about becoming a valuable resource, drawing not just on my knowledge, but also on the collective skills we possess at Omega 365,” says Jarle. 

“At Omega, we have a team dedicated to collaborating with clients over time, addressing challenges and providing advice.” 

In the mid-1990s, Jarle's journey with Omega 365 began almost immediately after finishing school. His initial plan involved a project where he digitized the archives for a local company in Ølensvåg. It was during this time that Department Manager Arne Gunnar Habbestad approached him. Jarle found himself with two job offers: one at the company he was helping to digitize and the other at Omega 365. While the digitization project offered a higher salary, something else swayed Jarle's decision. 

“Omega 365 sounded much more exciting. It was closer to my areas of interest,” says Jarle today. 

Global projects and new roles 

Throughout his career at Omega 365, Jarle has taken part in a lot of different tasks, both domestically and internationally. For instance, he worked on the development of a mechanical completion system at shipyards in Singapore. He has been involved in developing estimation tools for Equinor, and for a time, he was responsible for estimation on upgrade projects at Melkøya, aiming to achieve higher operational regularity than they had before. 

He has also developed specialized solutions in Tel Aviv for Deutsche Bahn, working with young systems engineers, based on the Pims toolbox.  

“It has been incredibly rewarding,” Jarle shares. 

“You would take Pims in your suitcase, go to the projects, and make the best of it. We have developed the Pims tool based on customer needs. It has worked, because we sit and solve challenges with over 30 years of experience and the entire Omega knowledge base at our backs,” Jarle says. 

He is pleased to have had the opportunity to work internationally. This experience is important, he believes. 

“You learn a lot from being directly involved in projects, without a doubt. It's one thing to code, but developing effective systems requires a deeper understanding and experience,” he states. 

During his time at Omega 365, Jarle has held various positions in addition to being involved in projects. From 1998, he was part of establishing the office at Forus outside Stavanger, Norway. Something he describes as a challenge. During the same period, the oil price dropped to its lowest level since the early 1970s. At times, the price was heading down towards ten dollars a barrel. Meanwhile, Omega 365 was growing, laying the foundation for what is today Omega 365 Solutions. 

“The expansion in Stavanger was a major effort for Omega at that time. The early days for the department were tough because customer investments came to a halt. Fortunately, the crisis was short-lived, and things quickly picked up again,” Jarle recalls. 

Jarle has been closely involved in the development of the system through various projects, in collaboration with both the client and developers. During his time at Omega 365, he has evolved from developing systems to becoming an estimator and Department Manager. Gradually, his tasks have become more administrative and technical. 

Two years ago, he accepted an invitation to relocate to Bergen, where he now enjoys working with a team of approximately 40 members.

“That's when I saw the opportunity to help build something more.” 

Now, Jarle has a dual role. He is the Department Manager in Bergen, as well as the Technical and Product Manager for Omega 365 Estimation. In both roles, he utilizes his extensive experience with both Pims and Omega 365 systems. He is excited about many new customers in the region. 

“It's about controlling the information you manage through a project. That's something we've become very good at in Omega,” Jarle states. 

A journey of growth and commitment

Jarle looks back on many great years at the company. He calls his job a privilege, with tasks he is passionate about. 

“Omega is a place where you are allowed to develop. There has been steady growth from the start, with great leaders that has made many right decisions,” says Jarle. 

Since Jarle started as employee number 27, the company has grown by an additional 2000 employees. 

“It's almost a bit surreal. I remember when we reached 75, that was big,” Jarle smiles. 

“The drive to improve is really a part of Omega's culture. The unwritten rule is that we should be better today than we were yesterday. This permeates the entire organization," Jarle believes. 

Beyond interesting professional challenges, Jarle greatly appreciates all the good colleagues and the environment at Omega 365. 

“Many of the people I work with today are the same ones I started with 26 years ago. People stay because they enjoy it and feel cared for. There is a lot of leeway; you are allowed to try a lot with freedom under responsibility. It's very motivating,” says Jarle. 

“Pims and Omega 365 are a brand no matter where you go in the world,” he says enthusiastically. 

“Being engaged comes naturally when you enjoy your work. My passion is as strong now as it was on the day I started.” 

Jarle believes the driving force behind this passion is deeply connected to the sense of achievement. 

“There are few feelings that surpass the satisfaction of contributing to the success of a project, an organization, or a company,” he says. 

This motivates him to learn more, to contribute more. Additionally, he is motivated by Omega 365's values; open, humble, solution-oriented, engaged, and generous. 

“We should always be solution-oriented,” says Jarle. 

“It's important that it's us, not me, in Omega. Even if there is one person at the clients's site, they have the support of our entire team.” 

Svein Tore Haraldseid, CEO of Omega 365 Solutions, emphasizes Jarle's dedication to the company's core values. 

“The truth is that Jarle himself embodies all these values and is simply top-notch Omega material. He is very good at taking care of both his own employees and our clients, while also focused on delivering results and keeping his promises.” 

“Jarle is well-liked by everyone and is deeply committed to Omega. He plays a key role in upholding and sharing Omega's values with the newer generations at the company.” 

Beyond interesting professional challenges, Jarle greatly appreciates all the good colleagues and the environment at Omega 365.

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