Spotlight: Younes Chaaibi

Fulfilling the offshore dream

Younes Chaaibi has always dreamed of working offshore. Transitioning from his role as a software developer, he now serves as an online operator/Survey trainee at Omega Subsea.

Younes Chaaibi aims to continuously improve himself and achieve even better results for the clients.

“It means that I am responsible for everything online, covering all that occurs in real-time operations. This includes sensors, positioning, and even updating the navigation map in AutoCAD to ensure it is always current.”

Younes is currently participating in a mission aboard Solstad Offshore ASA's subsea vessel 'Normand Frontier,' located off the coast of Sicily. The mission involves installing various structures on the seabed, which are then secured with concrete mattresses to prevent displacement. Omega Subsea specializes in project management, planning, and execution of underwater operations, including the operation of ROV and positioning systems. The investment in and operation of these systems aboard the vessels represent a collaborative effort between Omega Subsea and Solstad Offshore.

Striving for mastery

Younes, who began programming Minecraft plugins at just 12 years old, later pursued his passion for technology to earn a master's degree in information science. After completing his studies, he secured a position at an oil and gas company, where he contributed to the development of mobile applications and the integration of their IFS ERP system within a specialized development department. His skills and experience drew the attention of Erik Skagen Vindenes from Omega 365, who contacted Younes about a potential job opportunity after about a year in his role.

“I guess I said yes to a non-committal conversation, which sounded interesting to me. And things moved as quickly as they often do in the Omega 365 world. I received the message around noon, and by 1 p.m., I found myself at the Omega 365 office. After spending the weekend reflecting on the opportunity, I decided to accept the offer from Omega 365 Solutions as a software developer.”

Younes quickly found his place in the Omega 365 world, appreciating the flat structure and the short distance between leaders and others in the organization. Gradually, he worked with more clients, including Omega Subsea, and felt the sense of mastery when complex challenges were solved.

“I can see why professional athletes dedicate so much effort to winning competitions. The sense of achievement they experience upon succeeding surpasses everything. Giving up, on the other hand, is a loss in itself,” Younes believes.

Trond Berge, General Manger at Omega Subsea, is very pleased to have Younes on the team.

“We have gotten to know Younes well at the office over the last year. He has assisted us in adapting and developing new systems and applications, and we have established a good personal and professional relationship. We have also noticed Younes's need for development and new challenges and have early identified him as a future resource person for Subsea both because of his background as a software developer and his personal qualities,” he says.

“We are very pleased to offer him a position with us and look forward to a long and productive cooperation. We have great faith that Younes will be a positive contributor to us and see that he learns quickly and receives very good feedback from the team onboard. Positioning and survey are major focus areas for us, and we are in the process of strengthening the organization within this field.”

Continually setting new goals

Younes completed his bachelor's degree in two years and had a job offer ready as soon as he finished his bachelor's. While pursuing his master's degree, he worked full-time alongside his studies. Younes is known for his immense capacity and his quick ability to adapt and tackle new tasks. 

“The secret is probably good discipline. I strongly believe in efficiency; just because you've been at work all day doesn't mean you have to slump on the couch. It's entirely possible to fit in a workout session, and that mindset has helped me a lot.”

The goal is always to work a bit better and achieve even better results for the client. Even though Younes greatly enjoyed working as a system developer at Omega 365 Solutions, the need to try something different eventually arose, and the thought of going offshore was tempting. He shared his thoughts with Department Manager Jarle Gjerde, which turned out to be a wise decision.

Seizing the opportunity

“It was just a few minutes from when I mentioned it until we were on our way to the Subsea office. A couple of weeks later, I was at a safety course and ready for my first trip out. This is one of the things I like best in the Omega 365 world, there are always opportunities, and people work quickly to find a good solution,” says Younes.

“I was also very determined to make this work, and said I could work with almost anything. So far, I'm enjoying it a lot and would like to continue developing here and see what opportunities this job can offer.”

He is focused on the innovative technology in the company and the motivation that has led to its record growth.

“It's fascinating how much can be built up from a small office in Bergen, I think. I'm very happy that I got into this group and have worked on so many exciting projects. The oil industry always goes in cycles, but I strongly believe that Subsea has many good years ahead.”

A steep learning curve

Professionally, the transition to Omega Subsea has given Younes a steep learning curve, which he has embraced fully. He is impressed by what the company has built up and how many contracts and subsea projects have been secured in the past year. He is pleased to be fulfilling his offshore dream with a rotation of four weeks on and four weeks off. The new work routine gives him extra time to pursue hobbies and interests during his off periods.

“My first trip offshore, I went out as an ROV Pilot/trainee, which involved many practical tasks. The others probably saw right away that I'm not a handyman, they might have laughed at me then,” says Younes with a smile.

“Now, I feel like I've found my place in the team. This is a very interesting workplace, and I've been given a significant responsibility to ensure that data collection is accurate.”

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