The Project Controls Expo in London

In the heart of London, Wembley Stadium hosted this year's UK Project Controls Expo, a gathering for professionals in fields ranging from Oil and Gas to Construction. Omega 365 was among the participants, getting a chance to network and showcase the Omega 365 software.

Published: 14. November 2023
From the left: Liam Heywood, Software Developer; Neil Carlsen, Completion Expert; and Håvard Matre, Department Manager at Omega 365 Solutions.

“At the expo, our team had the opportunity to meet potential clients, understand their needs for solutions, gain insights into competitors' strategies, and learn about the industry's challenges and digitalization needs,” shares Håvard Matre, Department Manager at Omega 365 Solutions. 

Spanning two days, the Expo brought together 53 exhibitors and more than 90 speakers. The aim of the event was to encourage the exchange of knowledge and experiences among professionals, highlighting the significance of effective project controls in project delivery. 

Omega 365's contribution to the event included a presentation by Jan Christian Brataas, Chief Technology Officer, and Neil Carlsen, Completion Expert. Their session, "Empowering Project Management: The Synergy of BIM Technology and Completion Management" emphasized the integration of BIM technology and completion management within Omega 365 to enhance project management efficiency. 

See photos from the Project Controls Expo below!