The History of Omega 365

1987 - 1990

The Startup Years

Omega 365’s history starts in 1987, with the foundation of Futura Datasenter AS in Ølen. The company started up selling personal computers and accessories. Futura Datasenter gradually turned more into a production company, producing hardware and software for various groups.

On the hardware side, developing computer cards for Atari machines was the most advanced production in terms of technology at this stage. On the software side, Omega had developed a software solution for connecting and drawing information from NTB (Norsk Telegrambyrå - the biggest Norwegian news agency). The solution was widely used both domestically and abroad.

Futura Datasenter continued its emphasis in the software development field and developed numerous database applications for businesses of all sizes. In this process, Futura Datasenter acquired a substantial competence and know-how in successfully applying database tools to solve corporate challenges.

1991 - 1995

Evolving into Omega

In 1991, it was decided to take this competence and know-how one step further. The ownership structure was re-organized, and the name was changed to Omega. Since the 1991 upstart, Omega 365 has mainly been involved in the oil & gas industry, supplying highly qualified personnel and developing software solutions.

In 1993, the product concept Pims was introduced and eventually evolved to provide all levels in a project organisation with a tool to assist in controlling the various aspects of project execution. Pims became Omega’s main product when Statoil chose Omega to develop its project control system (later to be known as Pims).

1995 - 1999

Pims Expanding the Horizon

  • Passed 50 team members milestone
  • Ølensvåg office established
  • Omega AS office established in Stavanger
  • Far East Livingston Shipyards - first foreign company to use Pims
  • Chevron chooses Pims for LL-652 development project
  • Saga chooses Pims for the Snorre B development project

2000 - 2004

International Expansion

  • Passed 100 and 200 team members milestone
  • Subsidiary company, Omega PS, established in Houston based on contract with ConocoPhilips
  • Energos chooses Pims for use within its alliance with Umoe and Siemens to build waste treatment units
  • Frame agreement signed with Statoil regarding consultancy services
  • Pims CMS becomes corporate standard CMS system in Statoil
  • AppFrame R2 released
  • Omega Areal is established

2005 - 2009

Rapid Growth

  • Passed 300, 400, 500 and 600 team members milestones
  • Subsidiary company, Omega UAB, established in Lithuania
  • Canada office established
  • Omega PS Singapore office established
  • Offices in Oslo and Bergen established
  • Frame agreement signed with StatoilHydro regarding the delivery of project management, procurement and project control systems

2010 - 2014

Further Growth

  • Office opened in Trondheim in 2010
  • Omega acquires Omniware in 2010
  • Passed 1000 team members milestone and a turnover of one billion NOK
  • New frame agreements with Statoil, Shell, Wintershall and BP
  • Omega awarded the Research and Innovation prize for the Rogaland region in 2012
  • New office opened in Brisbane, Australia
  • Two new departments established: Omega IT Consultants and Omega IT Ledelse (Management) 2013
  • Subsidiary company, Omega Subsea established
  • Omega consultants contribute to the construction of the Goliat platform in Korea

2015 - 2019

Success, and New Possibilities

  • Lundin's Edvard Grieg project completed ahead of schedule using Omega's Pims systems.
  • Secured major North Sea contracts for Culzean and Johan Sverdrup projects.
  • Global Pims system deliveries to major companies like Maersk, Chevron, and BP.
  • Omega expands into healthcare, consulting for Norwegian Helse Vest IKT and Nasjonal IKT, and delivering Pims to Novo Nordisk.
  • Filter Design & Communication subsidiary established.
  • New frame agreements with Aibel, Ruter, and Technip Norge AS.
  • Strengthened Canadian presence, partnering with NSB Energy.
  • Secured frame agreement with Bane NOR for Pims systems and consultancy for Follobanen project.
  • Ranked as Norway's second-largest software company by Nowegian Financial newspaper Kapital.
  • HMSREG AS established.
  • Launch of Pims365 for construction sector and release of Appframe R4.
  • Omega expands into the construction sector, signing contracts with state-owned companies including Statsbygg.
  • HMSREG system adopted by Norway's top contractor companies: Skanska, Veidekke, and AF Gruppen.
  • Headquarters in Ølensvåg expanded with new office spaces.
  • Johan Sverdrup Project: Statoil chose Pims Document Control.
  • Reached milestone of 1000 employees.
  • Omega named Company of the Year at local conference on Haugalandet.
  • Awarded contract with Vår Energi.
  • Opens new office in Haugesund.

2020 - present

Growth, expansion, and new partnerships

  • Omega changes name to Omega 365.
  • Omega 365 headquarters expanding.
  • Omega 365 Solutions awarded Gaselle status.
  • Supports Norwegian Refugee Council for Ukraine.
  • Omega 365 Core established.
  • New office in Bergen, Norway. 
  • New office in Tønsberg, Norway. 
  • Omega 365 Houston celebrates 20 year anniversary and moves to new office.
  • Office established in Newcastle, UK.
  • Omega 365 Design marks 25 years in business.
  • Omega Subsea Robotics awarded record contract to Kystdesign.
  • Omega 365 achieved a revenue growth of over 20 percent in 2022.
  • 2000 employees milestone reached.
  • Omega 365 awarded Company of the Year at the Haugaland conference, Norway.
  • New office in Perth launched.
  • Signed contract with Gaia Salmon.
  • HMSREG entered into a contract with Vigo IKS.
  • Omega AS, Omega 365 Consulting, Omega 365 Solutions, Omega 365 Areal, and Omega 365 Design becomes ISO certified.
  • Omega 365 Australia expands into regional sectors.
  • New offices in Kristiansund established.
  • Floating offshore wind contract with Source Galileo secured.
  • Omega 365 welcomes new external board members. 
  • Contract with Azule Energy signed.
  • Provided technology boost for Sellafield project.
  • Entered into a nationwide framework agreement with Sykehusbygg.
  • Acquired PDS Protek and PDS Consult, and established Omega 365 Protek.
  • Omega 365 Solutions in Haugesund was named Apprentice Company of the Year.