Our core values

Our core values lie at the heart of everything we do. They set the example of how we are to interact with others and guide us in making the right decisions to keep moving forward.


Openness towards people, colleagues and new ideas enables growth and development for Omega 365 employees. A welcoming, engaging and safe work environment opens up the possibility for finding new ways.

Openness is at the heart of learning - to be open towards people, situations, ideas, and oneself is a prerequisite for building competency and learn from experience.

In Omega 365, openness is about being honest and willing to consider new ideas and input. In this way, we can share our knowledge with each other and work towards reaching our goals.

Despite geographical distances and cultural differences, we create a good and open work culture for our employees and consultants by embracing the value of being open. This enables employees to feel safe and included in the workplace, which furthers personal and professional development.

One of our goals in Omega 365 is that all our employees, consultants, candidates and customers experience the company as open and welcoming. Omega 365’s websites, intranet, and tools for cooperation ensure an open organizational structure, and makes working together easier internally and externally with our consultants and customers.

Openness creates a welcoming, engaging, and safe work environment.

Openness leads to an including and safe working environment, which lies at the core of improvement and cooperation. By being open to all ideas from our employees and consultants, we are able to maximize our access to new opportunities and increase value. Omega 365 wants to ensure that creativity, new ideas and methods are received with openness.


The Omega 365 team is active and engaged in the workplace. Omega 365 is proud to have engaging and forward-thinking team members that seek good solutions and go forth as role models.

We are active and engaged in the workplace, and we have many employees who go forth as inspiring role models.

In Omega 365 we have many team members that are good examples of what it means to be active and engaged in the workplace, either socially or with the tasks at hand. To create an engaging work environment has become an important ingredient in Omega 365’s development and success - we get nowhere without our engaging team members.

In Omega 365, we have long been aware that innovation and development happen when we have positive, active and engaging employees that feel included in the workplace. The employee welfare program, Advantage, is a measure set in motion with the focus of bringing employees and consultants together via team building activities.

Omega 365 has a flat organization structure, which provides a short way from employee to management with ideas, thoughts or worries. Through, Improve, Omega 365’s tool for improvement and reporting, all employees and consultants can submit complaints, bugs in our systems, or input on improvements.

Our engaging and cooperative relationship with clients ensures a close dialog, and a comprehensive understanding of what and where our clients need us.

The quality of our delivery to clients is dependent on how active and engaged our employees and consultants are with the assignment, client, and their discipline. Omega 365’s Department Managers are passionate about helping our consultants continually develop and reach their career goals. They are engaged in the consultants’ present situation and their future assignments, and work actively towards existing and new clients.

Omega 365 shares its success with those who need it the most, and with the local community. In 2014 and 2015, Omega contributed with NOK 1 million in Christmas gifts for CARE’s work for women in Congo. In the local community, Omega 365 has contributed to realizing local sporting events, the building of sporting arenas and clubhouses.


Growth and development in Omega 365 is based on a good portion of generosity. By sharing our resources generously, we open for opportunities - for us and for others. Together, colleagues, local communities, clients and associates create a valuable and productive environment for each other through trust and engagement.

For the individual in Omega 365, generosity is about sharing the resources one possesses; competence, a strong work ethic, service mindedness, and good nature. To be generous towards each other means to create happiness, enthusiasm, and benefits each other by giving of ourselves. By sharing our knowledge, we build competency and a safe and welcoming workplace.

For Omega 365 as a company, it is about believing that business grows faster in an environment that is characterized by enthusiasm, successful delivery, satisfied clients, and the will to accept a challenge. The will to take a leap on clients, employees, product development, and short lines of communication for decision-making, is at the core of Omega 365.

Generosity allows different perspectives to be heard, new ideas to be tested, and traditional ways of thinking to be put to test.

Innovation and forward thinking are central to Omega 365. Generosity allows different perspectives to be heard, new ideas to be tested, and traditional ways of thinking to be put to test. In Omega 365, we have over 30 nationalities working in over 40 countries; different perspectives and cultural perceptions are of great value in the development of the company.

To be generous is a core value in Omega 365; generous with regards to ideas, feedback, colleagues, local community, clients and associates.


In Omega 365, humble means to be honest and show respect towards colleagues, clients and the local community. Humbleness strengthens our relations and enables openness and good communication.

By being humble, we lay a foundation for new ideas and further development.

There is strength in being humble. By being brave enough to be honest and open, we create a culture where new ideas are welcome, and everyone gets the opportunity to contribute to good processes. Without the open and honest attitude in the company, there would not have been room to focus on the good work employees and consultants do in their everyday work. Being humble makes us open to learn from each other, from our mistakes and from our success stories.

Omega 365 has a flat organizational structure where employees are encouraged to communicate to management what they think work or not. A useful perspective that the company adopted from the start was that there is always room for improvement, and we are allowed to admit that things sometimes do not work as planned. Omega 365 has therefore developed a tool for improvement and reporting, Improve, where all employees and consultants can submit their case.

Omega 365 is humble when meeting with clients - we listen first, and know that we have a lot we can learn from companies and people with different areas of expertise. We meet our clients with honesty and reverence, and try to find the best solutions.

No one can do everything alone - together we are strong. We each have our area of expertise and we are dependent on each other for further growth and development as a company.

Solution Oriented

The value, solution oriented, is not just a core value, but a perspective we adopt. In Omega 365, we do not stop when we meet obstacles and go through tough times, instead we change our approach and try to find the solutions that work.

The Omega 365 concern as we know it today is founded on the company’s core values; they have always been and will always be a part of the company. These values have been at the core of Omega 365’s success and will continue to be the value foundation that guides the actions we do as a company.

Since Omega was established in the middle of the 1990s, we have had a culture for improvement. This was necessary in the start-up phase, but now continues to be of great value as it gives Omega 365 a competitive edge on the market.

Omega 365 has developed a variety of solutions for clients and the company itself. The Pims modules have been developed to meet the need of our clients and our own needs in Omega 365. Where there was no solution, Omega 365 has now created through trials and errors software tools that make processes more efficient and create a foundation for further project work and development.

Our Department Managers are always looking to find the right solutions when meeting with our consultants, and to help them reach their career goals and fulfill their expectations to assignments, locations and follow-up services.

Together we find and create the solutions we need to move forward.

As a company, Omega has secured a large pool of resources in the form of knowledge, competency and experience. It is therefore easier to see new possibilities and solutions when the competency needed to develop the ideas is already present in Omega.

By being focused and open to new ideas, we find the best solutions. We are open and engaging, humble and inclusive; it is on this foundation we have built the company, and it is on this foundation we continue to work to reach our goals.