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New Westcon contract for Omega 365 Solutions

Omega 365 has signed a new contract with Westcon for the delivery of the Omega 365 platform. Omega 365 Solutions’ Manager at our Haugesund office, Vidar Nordnes, is looking forward to the collaboration.

Westcon has been a loyal customer of Omega since the late 1990s. Photo: Svein Egil Økland.
“We have been developing ERP systems for Westcon since 2012, so the new agreement is only an extension of this good cooperation. Omega has invested heavily in the Omega 365 platform, and now Westcon wanted to join us in this solution. This means that we will move the entire Westcon system to the Omega 365 platform. The contract has an estimated value of NOK 10 million based on the number of working hours we have scheduled," says Vidar Nordnes. 

Converting and implementing Westcon’s systems to the Omega 365 platform is expected to take a year and is divided into two stages.
Vidar Nordnes, is looking forward to the implementation for Westcon and needs more employees on the team. 

“Westcon wanted some things put in place right away, especially in relation to production. Everything concerning production is part of stage one and this information will be digitalized and moved to the new platform by April 2022. Stage two will be the remaining parts of operations; this work is planned to be completed by January 2023,” explains Nordnes.

The shipyard has been a loyal customer of Omega since the late 1990s; Today, it is Omega 365 Solutions’ office in Haugesund that is responsible for Westcon and the implementation of the new platform. 

“We are well underway with the job but need more people on our team. We also have other clients who need our assistance, so we are looking for more employees. Primarily, we are looking for junior developers - fresh and talented people who are keen to learn,” states Nordnes. 

Omega 365’s office in Haugesund was officially opened in January 2021, and houses employees from Omega Areal, Omega 365 Design, and Omega 365 Solutions. Nordnes sees advantages in making the Omega 365 Group more visible in outer Haugalandet.

“We have been contacted by several potential clients, as well as potential employees, who have seen our office signage or read about the opening of our office in the newspaper. It is positive to promote Omega in the Haugesund area, and we hope this can contribute to growth for the Group,” says Nordnes. 

About Omega 365 Solutions

In recent years, Omega 365 Solutions has gained a solid foothold in both the public sector and the construction and infrastructure industries. The company now has plans for a larger investment internationally, as well as in Norway, with the new Omega 365 cloud platform. The Omega 365 Group employs approximately 350 employees globally in the software business area. The Norwegian company has approximately 240 employees working on assignment at the client’s locations or at Omega 365 Solutions’ offices in Stavanger, Bergen, Haugesund, Ølensvåg, Kristiansund, Oslo, and Stjørdal. Omega 365 Solutions already has a long history of offering the Pims project management system to clients in the oil and gas industry. Omega 365 Solutions is one of several subsidiaries in the Omega 365 Group, which has a total of 1630 employees