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Omega 365 Solutions’ teambuilding event

A combined teambuilding event was hosted for Omega 365 Solutions’ departments in Haugesund, Bergen, and Ølensvåg.

The team engaged in social activities amidst the charming landscape of Røvær island.

In May, the departments of Omega 365 Solutions from Haugesund, Bergen, and Ølensvåg gathered for a teambuilding event in Ølensvåg, Haugesund, and Røvær in Norway. This event aimed to strengthen the connections between employees working in different departments. 

Vidar Nordnes, the Department Manager in Haugesund, expressed the main sentiment of the event, stating, 

“These interactions provide our team with a special opportunity to connect and collaborate outside of the typical office environment. It's about building relationships, sharing experiences, and fostering a strong sense of community across departments.” 

The two-day event included professional discussions at the Amanda Hotel in Haugesund, with a focus on gender equality. Many employees from various departments presented the projects and work they are involved in. 

The team also engaged in social activities at Røvær island. To emphasize the significance of teamwork, a Lego-based competition was organized, simulating real-world project scenarios. The dynamic nature of the task reflected the ever-changing conditions of projects and the necessity for flexibility and cooperation within a team. 

See below for pictures from the trip!