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Omega 365 Consulting Visits Asia

17. March 2023

Consultant Managers, Helge Tvedt, Pablo Tveita, and Johannes Eide from Omega 365 Consulting recently visited Asia to strengthen existing relationships and establish new collaborations with clients and consultants.

Highlights from Showcase week in Houston

13. March 2023

Last week, Omega 365 USA hosted a week-long showcase event in Houston, attracting over 200 attendees eager to explore the company’s latest product offerings.

Product Showcase Week in Houston

03. March 2023

Omega 365 USA is inviting existing and potential clients to a Showcase Week in Houston, jam packed with information and insights into our Pims and Omega 365 products.

Houston Rodeo Run Team Event

02. March 2023

In a show of commitment, teamwork, and philanthropy, team members from the Houston office recently completed the Rodeo Run 5K and raised over $600 for a noble cause.

Onboarding videos for new consultants

27. February 2023

Hilde Gundersen and Helene Haukland from Business Support have created training videos for consultants in collaboration with Omega 365 Design.

Omega 365 nominated as Company of the Year

24. February 2023

Omega 365 has been nominated as Company of the Year. The awards are held annually by the Norwegian Business Association of Haugalandet; the winner will be announced during the Haugaland conference in Haugesund on 10 March.

Strengthening the consulting services in Bergen

22. February 2023

Rita Arntsen is back as one of the new Department Managers at the Omega 365 Consulting office in Bergen. She looks forward to connecting consultants with challenging and innovative job opportunities.

New office space secured in Calgary

20. February 2023

Omega 365 Canada experienced rapid growth in 2022. Recently, General Manager, Kenneth Steinsvik signed a contract securing a brand new office space for our team in Calgary.

Spotlight: Terje Lunde

15. February 2023

“I believe that the customer is always right,” says architectural engineer in Omega 365 Areal, Terje Lunde, who is celebrating 25 years in the company.

Consultant stories: Rut Evy Pettersen

14. February 2023

After seven years as a permanent employee, Rut Evy Pettersen returned as a consultant to Omega 365 Consulting. Her desire for flexibility was one of the main reasons.

Spotlight: Omega 365 Admin

13. February 2023

Over the past year, the administrative and system development teams in Omega 365 have taken on an extraordinary workload. They are now reaping praise for ensuring a smooth transition to the new accounting system.

Consultant stories: Siw Hovland Ophaug

02. February 2023

Siw Hovland Ophaug is in her second period as a consultant in Omega 365. Consultant life has given her the opportunity to work with project management.

Spotlight: Øystein Berge-Olsen

30. January 2023

Øystein Berge-Olsen is a practitioner who loves developing good system solutions for customers. He likes it best when the day offers a challenge or two.