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Fully integrated platform for managing projects and assets

Benefit from full integration between processes, and empower your teams with your organisational best practices

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With a collection of integrated applications, Omega 365 supports the organization’s need for planning, execution, control and management of projects of all sizes.

Omega 365 helps organizations with management of physical assets throughout the entire lifecycle of an asset.

A Cloud Native Solution – where the software is accessible from anywhere, continuously updated – improvements, bug fixes, backup, security and documentation is included.

Native cloud

Built with native cloud technology and zero trust architecture, you can be confident knowing that your data is available, reliable, and well protected with Microsoft Azure data governance and security innovations.

Through the use of Microsoft Azure hybrid technology, we can also deploy Omega 365 to your on-premise data center.



Maximize business value with a fully-integrated system. Connected data and teams enhance collaboration and overview.

Reduce errors with a one-stop shop. Teams and projects can access status overviews and true data about their projects and assets.               

Allow teams to seamlessly view, share, and contribute across the solution without specialized systems.

Structure and visibility

Organize data in a structured way, which provides visibility for your teams, so they can track, control, and optimize critical processes.

Build with the purpose of providing a solution that matches the lifetime of your projects and assets.



BIM benefits users by connecting documents, workflows, and teams across the entire solution. From design and engineering, to construction and operations, this all-in-one solution provides better outcomes.

With successful BIM processes and systems, you can establish a clear project vision that supports business outcomes before design commences or work begins on site. BIM also allows you to continuously react and improve during the project phase.

Key business benefits

100%insight into your organisation, projects and assets

16 000already taking advantage of the solution

30+years experience

Product introduction videos (Norwegian)


These are all the features you get access to in Omega 365, ensuring your project or organization an efficient and well-documented progress.

Org structure with role-based access

  • Organizational units as a container for people and data
  • Role-based access via org structure
  • Add new users / persons
  • Use of current context to limit your view and focus

Object structure, all assets from top to bottom

  • A model of the real world (digital twin)
  • Multiple hierarchies
  • Links to activities, workflows and documents
  • Manage LCI / Documentation requirements


  • Plan your work in details
  • Set up and define activities 
  • Set up checklists
  • Create schedules
  • WBS Structure

BIM / 3D

  • Combine IFC files into models
  • BIM viewer
  • Link database/data into BIM


  • Use for handling routine tasks
  • Set up workflow processes
  • Create new workflows
  • Collaborate within a workflow
  • Track issues

Document management

  • Document numbering
  • Document planning
  • Setting up distribution
  • Creating and working with documents
  • Submitting and receiving documents
  • Distributing documents
  • Reviewing documents
  • Documentation for operations; requirements and handover
  • Reporting (progress, following up deliveries and reviews)


  • Checklists and setup
  • Controls using check-items
  • Testing procedures and execution
  • Handover
  • Punch items (workflows/issues)

Contracts and commitments

  • Contract register
  • Contract elements (VORs/VOs)
  • Contract forms

Quality and risk management

  • Plan and follow up quality activities
  • Incident reporting
  • Product deviations
  • Document compliance
  • Define and categorize risk, and add mitigating measures
  • Assess probability and consequences
  • Goals and lessons learned
  • Maintain your checklists (for reuse)

Cost control and status reporting

  • WBS and estimates
  • Time-phasing and baselines
  • Actual progress and cost
  • Status reporting (monthly reports)

Resource management

  • Positions
  • Persons / resource pool
  • Candidates (for specific positions)
  • Project assignments


  • Enhance collaboration with overview of tasks and actions
  • Create a collaboration workspace
  • Review / online markup of a PDF
  • General actions
  • Team documents
  • Share your documents in team folders
  • Meetings
  • Plan your agenda and follow up actions

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Chief Technology Officer


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General Manager